– G. McClain
I would like to thank, the acts caregivers support group for being there for me when I really needed help. Donating a airline ticket for me to come back to help my sister caregive for my mother. Appreciated the gift, can’t thank you enough in my time of need.
– Petra Niles

ACTS is an action oriented group. A safe place for caregivers to attend, feel reassured, and gain more knowledge about Alzheimer’s and other dementias. In less than a year, they had investigated, reached out to many agencies and organizations who could bring specific information to the group.

ACTS has become a vital part of our local community that has very few support groups. The facilitators have a fierce commitment to this group. It’s easy for attendees to inform other caregivers about the group. Petra Niles


African American Services

California Southland Chapter

Alzheimer’s Association

Los Angeles

PNiles@alz.org www.alz.org/socal

– C. Johnson (Ontario, CA)

My personal life has been blessed and I have been challenged spiritually through the ministry of ACTS in ways I could have never imagined as I care for my husband who has dementia! The personal prayer, encouragement, weekly support, and resources I receive is priceless!

This year, one of the most memorable blessings happened in my life through my contact with ACTS! As I struggled with choosing a new insurance for my husband, which was mandatory through the company he retired from. I wanted to stay with the current insurance, but, the copays were unimaginable for me! I was given a phone number to a woman who not only helped me to make a decision to stay with our present insurance, which the Lord had already told me to do, but the copays still frightened me! She supplied me with information about a benefit that I was not aware of, that has provided me with an extra income monthly, that I now put aside in an account that will more than cover whatever copays I will be faced with! Hallelujah!

As I watch the founders of ACTS, Jeanie & Sharon operate through the power and purpose of the Holy Spirit even while they are under the fiery trials of caregiving themselves, I am challenged spiritually and encouraged at what our Lord is able to do with obedient and surrendered lives!

In addition, when I attend ACTS support group, I watch how others and myself personally experience the freedom as caregivers to share our stories and be given feedback and support that is right where we are, because the founders themselves have been through those situations that we talk about and are presently having the same experiences we’re having! The Bible calls that, “Comfort one another with the same comfort that you have received!” I am amazed at what God is doing

– B. Willett (Redondo Beach, CA)

As I sat listening to the men and women share their heart-wrenching stories; I was impressed at how others in the meeting who had gone before them, had real-life solutions for some of the struggles. I reflected how fortunate I was that I wasn’t facing those trials; and then I began to hear a few familiar comments of what I had observed in my 86 year old mother.  Little things that my siblings and I had just thought of as “getting old,” I’ve come to find out are subtle signs of dementia.

I realized that God had me there for a reason, to equip me for things to come.  The support, friendship and information I receive from the ACTS group has given me a way to honor my Mother with patience and love rather than the automatic response of impatience and correction to forgetfulness or change in behaviors.

I’m learning what to anticipate…it’s not aging, it’s the disease.